Jacob Black
Forget Me Not


Lockdown and the global pandemic forced many home to isolate in aid of our personal and collective health. This period enabled reflection; our environments became our companions, our world. Moving from the bustling streets of Peckham, London, to the rural sanctity of South Devon, the place of my adolescence. I became immersed in the environment that cradled and defined much of my existence. Enticed by its beauty and mysteries, I began noticing the water reflection on the fallen trees, the flight, and the songs of the birds. These scenes were magnificent, but amid the beauty, natural peculiarities began to plague my conscious. Dark figures, flashes of light permeating the blackness, I became unable to decipher fiction from reality. I started to question my psyche, why was I unable to rationally experience the natural wild world as I had remembered it.

'Forget Me Not' explores the death and destruction of the wild world within the physical and metaphysical. How we struggle to process seemingly ordinary natural events as our lives and spirits become urbanised. The work is a theatrical and mystical journey into the forgotten, exploring mythology and hallucinations within the confines of a still image while conceiving unique from physical landscapes. 'Forget Me Not' thus attempts to create an experimental visual language into the understanding, education, and experiences of the British wilderness.

Press -

@Lensculture winner and Jury select B&W 2021

@Royal Photographic Society Autumn collection 2021

@Spectrum Graduate 2021

@Tate Book Collection Solar Journal 2022

@Shortlisted Athens Photo Festival 2022